The Financial Educator is a new professional profile with a great future projection

Life is full of decisions with financial significance. We all ask ourselves questions like what is better to rent or buy? How do I finance the purchase of the car? or when the time comes… Will the retirement pension be enough? Citizens when faced with these decisions are often insecure, they must be aware of their consequences and learn to value them. 

Let’s see it more clearly with an example; Imagine that you go to a gym, you want to get in shape, the room is full of equipment, tapes and weights that you hardly know how to use, you are confused, you need a professional trainer to guide you and explain what your exercise table will be, what benefits are you going to to obtain and periodically review your progress, you will see that, if you are constant, in a short time you will be able to enjoy the physical well-being you were looking for.

It’s the same with finances, you need someone to guide you, a financial educator to help you shape your financial future and improve your relationship with money . You will see that in a short time, you will assimilate basic concepts related to saving or investing, you will learn the importance of preparing a household budget, or the danger of having excessive debt, concepts such as emergency fund, income protection or retirement provision , will help you start the path towards achieving the goals you set for yourself. The figure of the financial educator will play the role of the “personal trainer” and, in the same way, will accompany you in the process, giving you that security and confidence that you are looking for when making financial decisions.

According to the OECD, financial education is the process by which citizens improve their own understanding of financial products and their risks, can make informed decisions, or, where appropriate, know where to turn to improve their economic well-being.

The financial educator is the figure in charge of fulfilling that purpose, offering citizens the appropriate conditions to carry out their vital objectives, through the correct management of their savings, their debts, and their own economic security.…

What are unicorn companies and which are the most prominent in the world?

Have you heard of unicorn companies ? The technological era has unleashed a series of business solutions that seek to achieve great value in the market through disruptive digital strategies . Keep reading and you will know the meaning of this term and the most prominent companies worldwide .

What are unicorn companies

These types of companies stand out for having a novel organizational scheme . It is a term that has become very important and that, currently, is used in the world of those businesses characterized by being innovative and taking risks . The term “unicorn” refers to that illusion or fantasy that a company achieves great commercial value on its own merits and without external funding.

The main characteristics of this type of unicorn companies are: 

  • They are made up of private capital
  • They have less than 10 years of operation
  • They are valued at 1,000 million dollars
  • They are linked to social networks
  • They are made up of young members
  • They show economic acceleration

Today there are more than 400 unicorn companies in the world. Before being called that, they received the name of startup , initiatives with a business model supported by the integration of technological tools, and which in the beginning were able to take a good business opportunity . But what are the most prominent unicorn companies in the world ? Here you are. 


This is the unicorn of Chinese origin with the highest value in the world . One of its greatest successes is Toutiao , an entertainment content platform based on texts, images, microblogs and videos, among others.

Didi chuxing

This is a transport and mobility services company , created in 2012, founded on mobile applications and smart devices. It was in 2014 when it was categorized as a unicorn company.


It is an important unicorn company within the tobacco industry , which is dedicated to the creation of electronic cigarettes with a very peculiar system and design, similar to a USB. 


This American company is dedicated to managing credit card payments over the Internet . It is available from a startup to large companies that are listed on the stock market to boost their online economy .


A digital platform that offers accommodation and tourist experiences . It was created in 2008 and its business model is based on collaborative consumption .


The mobility highlighted in this Unicorn company, founded in 2011. It works as the perfect medium for individual users to contact with different forms of transport through a mobile application.

Epic games

This is the company that is behind the success of Fortnite and is mainly dedicated to the development of video games . It was listed as a unicorn in 2018 and is associated with the Chinese company Tencent Holdings.

These are just some of the unicorn companies in the world ranking. Becoming one of them is currently a challenge for modern entrepreneurs, who are committed to investing in technology funds , for example. …

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