Have you heard of unicorn companies ? The technological era has unleashed a series of business solutions that seek to achieve great value in the market through disruptive digital strategies . Keep reading and you will know the meaning of this term and the most prominent companies worldwide .

What are unicorn companies

These types of companies stand out for having a novel organizational scheme . It is a term that has become very important and that, currently, is used in the world of those businesses characterized by being innovative and taking risks . The term “unicorn” refers to that illusion or fantasy that a company achieves great commercial value on its own merits and without external funding.

The main characteristics of this type of unicorn companies are: 

  • They are made up of private capital
  • They have less than 10 years of operation
  • They are valued at 1,000 million dollars
  • They are linked to social networks
  • They are made up of young members
  • They show economic acceleration

Today there are more than 400 unicorn companies in the world. Before being called that, they received the name of startup , initiatives with a business model supported by the integration of technological tools, and which in the beginning were able to take a good business opportunity . But what are the most prominent unicorn companies in the world ? Here you are. 


This is the unicorn of Chinese origin with the highest value in the world . One of its greatest successes is Toutiao , an entertainment content platform based on texts, images, microblogs and videos, among others.

Didi chuxing

This is a transport and mobility services company , created in 2012, founded on mobile applications and smart devices. It was in 2014 when it was categorized as a unicorn company.


It is an important unicorn company within the tobacco industry , which is dedicated to the creation of electronic cigarettes with a very peculiar system and design, similar to a USB. 


This American company is dedicated to managing credit card payments over the Internet . It is available from a startup to large companies that are listed on the stock market to boost their online economy .


A digital platform that offers accommodation and tourist experiences . It was created in 2008 and its business model is based on collaborative consumption .


The mobility highlighted in this Unicorn company, founded in 2011. It works as the perfect medium for individual users to contact with different forms of transport through a mobile application.

Epic games

This is the company that is behind the success of Fortnite and is mainly dedicated to the development of video games . It was listed as a unicorn in 2018 and is associated with the Chinese company Tencent Holdings.

These are just some of the unicorn companies in the world ranking. Becoming one of them is currently a challenge for modern entrepreneurs, who are committed to investing in technology funds , for example.